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Refund Check Dates

Fall 2015-16
Sub-term A refunds start processing: 09/28/2015
Sub-term B refunds start processing: 11/23/2015
Spring 2015-16
Sub-term A refunds start processing: 02/15/2016
Sub-term B refunds start processing: 04/05/2016
Summer 2014-15
Sub-term A refunds start processing: 06/08/2015
Sub-term B refunds start processing: 07/27/2015

PBA Refund Check Policy

PBA Refund Check Policy for Evening & Graduate Students


Disbursement of financial aid occurs according to federally mandated regulations. If a credit balance results once financial aid is applied to a student’s account, the surplus will be refunded to the student.  

The Financial Aid office will request funds to be sent to the university, on behalf of a student, from various federal and state agencies after determining a student’s eligibility. Funds will only be disbursed to a student’s account after all outstanding documents have been turned in and after enrollment verification has been completed.

A student’s enrollment determines when they will become eligible for disbursement. If a student reaches full time enrollment (Full time enrollment is 12 credit hours) in Term A, all funds will be disbursed to their Student Account prior to the Term A anticipated refund . If a student reaches half time enrollment (Half time enrollment is 6 credit hours) in Term A, only student loans and ½ of the Pell Grant will be disbursed to their Student Account. Only if ½ of Pell and student loans generate a refund, will a refund check be issued for half time students in Term A.

Once enrollment verification has been completed a second time (this time for Term B), the remaining Pell and FRAG (for full times students) will be disbursed to a student’s account. Only if those funds generate a refund will a refund check will be issued in Term B.

Again there are two possible dates for anticipated refunds to begin processing each semester.

What is the status of your refund check?

You may check the status of your refund check online by following these instructions:

1.     Sign onto using your username and password

2.     Click on “My Account Balances”

3.     If you see an entry for “A/R Refund Check” your check will be ready for pickup on the post date. The check will be available on that date after 3 in The Student Accounts Office for 1 week. Checks not picked up will be mailed the following week to the address on file. If you do not see an entry for “A/R Refund Check” your refund is still processing. Please check back on in the future.