What happens if I withdraw from the University?


All Students

If you received financial aid and withdraw from all of your classes within the first 60% of the term, we must recalculate your financial aid eligibility according to a federally prescribed formula. Since funds are awarded based on your attending the entire term, we must recalculate your award based on the actual number of days you attended. The calculation will determine if you received funds for which you are NOT eligible or if you are eligible for a post withdrawal disbursement.

For example, a student who withdraws after completing only 20% of the term will have “earned” only 20% of any Title IV financial aid received. The remaining 80% of Title IV funds received is considered “unearned” aid and must be returned by Palm Beach Atlantic University and/or the student to the federal government. This process is called a Return to Title IV calculation.

The Office of Financial Aid encourages students to consult with a Financial Aid Counselor before they actually withdraw. The counselor will explain the Return to Title IV Policy and how it will affect the student.


Additional Information for Evening Undergraduate and Graduate Student in 8 week module programs

Term A Withdrawals

If you withdraw from all Term A courses and attend your Term B courses you will be fully eligible for all of your Title IV financial aid. You must provide a written statement to the Office of Financial Aid committing to attend all Term B courses.

If you withdraw from all Term A courses and do not attend Term B courses you will be subject to a Return to Title IV calculation.

Term B Withdrawals

If you successfully complete Term A courses, but withdraw from all Term B courses, you will be subject to a Return to Title IV calculation if you attended less than 60% of the semester.

What is the withdrawal process?

To complete the official withdrawal process, visit the Registrar’s Office.  They are located in Hood Hall on the main campus. Off-campus or on-line students can contact the Registrar’s Office at (561) 803-2072.

A student’s official and unofficial withdrawal will be determined by documentation provided by the Registrar’s Office. The official date will be determined by the earlier of one of the following:
  •          Date the student begins the withdrawal process;
  •          Date the student provides official notification of intent to withdraw;
  •          Students who fail to officially withdraw are assumed to have completed at least 50% of the term unless an earlier or later date is determined by the school


What is the recalculation process?

Based on the date you began the withdrawal process we then determine the percentage of the semester you attended. This percentage is then applied to the aid disbursed or that could have been disbursed to determine the amount of earned aid.  If the amount disbursed to you is less than the amount you earned, we will notify you of your eligibility and give you the opportunity to receive that aid. If the amount disbursed to you is greater than the amount you earned, then unearned funds have to be returned.

Federal funds are returned, within 45 days, in the following order:

1.     Federal Stafford Loan (Unsubsidized)

2.     Federal Stafford Loan (Subsidized)

3.     Federal Perkins Loan

4.     Federal PLUS (Parent) Loan

5.     Federal Pell Grant

6.     Federal SEOG

7.     Other Federal Aid

8.     The donor determines refund and repayment of institutional, state, private, and third party scholarships

What is the repayment process?

Students who owe a repayment are encouraged to immediately pay the amount in full to the Student Accounts Office. The Student Accounts Office will credit the funds to the appropriate account. Students will not be able to access transcripts or use University facilities until full repayment has been made.

Post Withdrawal Disbursements

If the financial aid earned by the student exceeds the aid disbursed, additional funds may be disbursed to the student in the form of a late disbursement. Additional disbursements are not permitted if the amount of earned aid is less than the total Federal Title IV aid that was disbursed prior to the University’s determination that the student withdrew.
Revised 7/9/11