Club Sports


What is the Purpose of a Club Sport?
The purpose of Palm Beach Atlantic University Club Sports is to provide student initiated and managed sport opportunities at an intercollegiate level of competition to Palm Beach Atlantic University students, faculty, and staff.
The Palm Beach Atlantic University Club Sport purpose supports (and is supported by) the vision of the Campus Recreation Department and the overall mission of Palm Beach Atlantic University.  The Club Sports Administration believes that Club Sports can provide the opportunity for students to develop Christian virtue and sportsmanship through the teamwork and discipline of athletic competition.  Participation offers extra-curricular learning experiences for participants through involvement in fund raising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting, scheduling, and skill development.  Student involvement in group and team situations helps enhance their overall learning experience while living in the college setting.
Initiation and Continuation as a Club Sport
- New clubs must submit a proposal for Club Sport Initiation with a Constitution, Leadership Listing, preliminary Roster, Budget and Schedule, by April 1 of the year prior to intending to compete.
- All clubs must have an Advisor. A Coach is recommended.
- Recognition as a Club Sport is for one academic year. Continued approval for the existence of a club from year to year is not guaranteed.
-Clubs failing to comply with the standards and criteria established in the Club Sports Manual jeopardize their standing as a recognized club.
If you have interested in starting a club sport, please email KERRY_CONDON@PBA.EDU