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  • Does your hometown have clubs, organizations, community foundations, or churches that award scholarships? Many organizations give scholarship money to students from local high schools, and often these opportunities are not advertised.
  • Browse the list of outside scholarship opportunities recommended and approved by our office. We have conveniently organized the opportunities based off of application deadlines to make your search easier!


  • Apply with the outside scholarship foundations of your choice. Be sure to apply to more than one foundation to increase your likelihood to receive an award!
  • Create an account on scholarship search web services to help you find scholarships that match your eligibility! A list of common search engines are listed to the left.


  • Received a scholarship check? Mail or drop off the scholarship check so that we are able to apply the award to your account!
  • Awarded a scholarship but don't have the check? Provide us with an award letter from the foundation/organization that includes the amount they will be sending and how the scholarship should be split.


Palm Beach Atlantic University

Financial Aid Office

Attn: Rachel Faught

P.O. Box 24708

West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4708 

*If no instructions are received, the scholarship funds will automatically be split between the Fall and Spring semesters.



The PDF below details outside organizations that offer scholarship opportunities to incoming and/or currently enrolled students.

Outside Scholarships_5.17.24.pdf


Use any of the following scholarship search engines to take further steps toward applying for outside scholarships!




The Princeton Review

Tuition Funding Sources



Going Merry

Scholarship America

Scholar Snapp



The following link provides a list of scholarship opportunities for military veterans! This list was created by PapersOwl and contains the following categories:

  • Scholarship Options for Children of Veterans
  • Scholarships for Military Spouses
  • Scholarships for Grandchildren of Military Veterans

Need help starting your search?

We have curated a list of over 200 scholarships to help you get started finding additional financial assistance! Links to scholarships lists are in the left-hand navigation organized by application deadline date.


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