If you have a medical emergency while on campus, contact Campus Safety & Security at (561) 803-2500 for assistance. For life threatening emergencies, always dial 911 first and then call Campus Safety and Security!

For minor medical needs, please consult the Residence Life staff and Safety and Security.  There are several urgent care centers located near the PBA campus, and a full service Emergency Room only one mile away. 
If an illness or injury requires you to be seen by a healthcare provider after hours or when we are closed, here is a list of local urgent care centers and hospitals.  Except in cases of emergency, it's a good idea to check with your insurance plan for information about preferred providers, co-pays and fees associated with urgent care and ER visits.
Jupiter Medical Center Urgent Care  625 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach
561-263-7010 (1.3 miles from PBA)
Good Samaritan Medical Center  1309 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach
561-650-5511  (1.5 miles from PBA)
St. Mary's Medical Center  901 45th St, West Palm Beach
561-844-6300   (5 miles from PBA)
Wellington Regional Medical Center  10101 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington
561-798-8500  (13 miles from PBA)
Please note that PBA is not affiliated with any of these hospital facilities.  This information is furnished to you as a courtesy to assist you in finding alternative healthcare services when we are not available.