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Student Accounts Staff

Phone: (561) 803-2152
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
The mission of the Student Accounts office at Palm Beach Atlantic University is to prepare students for lifelong learning and leadership by assisting and enabling them to meet financial obligations.


2017-2018 Payment Terms



Statement Available Online

Due Date


     June 15th   

 August 1, 2017


November 20th

December 15, 2017


April 6th

April 27, 2018

Billing Policies

The University maintains for each student a single account to which is charged tuition, fees, room and board.

It is the student's responsibility to see that payment deadlines are met.  Each semester's tuition and fees are due before the start of classes.  Students whose accounts are not paid in full by the tuition due date will not receive transcripts, diplomas, or other services offered to students with accounts in good standing, and are not permitted to register for a new semester until the balance owed is paid in full. A delinquent account could also result in the deactivation of your campus identification card, thus suspending access to campus facilities, meal plans and other services on campus. In addition, other actions may be taken up to and including suspension from the current term.  Delinquent accounts are subject to placement with an outside collections agency.  For any account placed with a collections agency, all charges and fees incurred for the collection process will be added to the outstanding balance and will adversely affect the student's credit report. 
A late payment fee of $30 per month will be applied to all accounts that are not paid by the published due date.  This fee will be applied every month that a balance remains unpaid.  

Email Policy

All students are assigned a PBA e-mail address. All communications to students, including replies from other email addresses, will be sent to the PBA address.  Palm Beach Atlantic University expects that students will monitor and read messages in their University-provided email address on a consistent basis.

Failure to access and read University communications does not absolve students from knowing and complying with the content of such communications.  

All student account refunds will be issued via direct deposit to your bank account OR a reloadable PBA Discover® Prepaid Card.  If you select the Prepaid Card, it will be sent to you by mail the first time you have a refund available, and all subsequent student account refunds will be loaded onto that same card each time a refund is available. You can access cash from the prepaid card for no fee by using the ATM on campus located just outside the Fraser Dining Hall.

*NOTE:  If you do not select a refund method, the default method will be a check mailed to the home address on file. The processing time for checks takes longer to process.  To receive your refund faster, please select either Direct Deposit or Prepaid Card as your refunding method.  

Palm Beach Atlantic University’s refund program is administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS).

ALL students who receive a student account refund MUST TAKE ACTION!  If you have not already done so, please take a moment to set up your refund preference today.

Here’s what you need to know about getting this set up:

·         Visit and log in using your MyPBA username and password.

·         Click on the Refunds tab.

·         Enter the required information your refunding preference. 


Disbursement of financial aid occurs according to federally mandated regulations. If a credit balance results once financial aid is applied to a student’s account, the surplus will be refunded to the student (or the parent in the case of a PLUS Loan). Authorization to release parent loan funds to the student can be found in the forms section of this site. 

Information on Refund Checks Policy for Evening Students

The funds from student aid will not be received by PBA until 3 to 4 weeks after the end of Add/Drop for aid not requiring full time enrollment. (Full time enrollment is 12 credit hours; you need only to be registered for 6 credit hours to receive loans.) Aid will also be disbursed following the start of the second sub term for aid that does require full time enrollment. This means that student loans and the portion of the Pell funds for the classes which are being taken during the first sub-term will be disbursed to students' accounts during our initial disbursement period.

Second sub-term disbursements, including the rest of the Pell and any aid requiring full time enrollment (FRAG and FSAG), will not be disbursed until after attendance verification has been completed for the second sub-term. If there is a credit on your account, funds may be transferred to your ID card for use on campus, however, a refund check will not be available until after the second sub-term has started. If you are due a refund from your loans and the first portion of your Pell grant only, you may receive two refund checks, one in each sub-term. 

Registration and Financial Acknowledgement Form

The Registration and Financial Acknowledgement Form is a required form that indicates that you acknowledge your financial responsibility to Palm Beach Atlantic University and understand the payment policy.  It must be completed in order for you to check in.  

Click the link below to complete the Payment Agreement Form: 


Students, if you plan to use your available Financial Aid funds to purchase your books at the PBA Campus Store, you must request that the funds be transferred from your PBA Student Account to your PBA Card before you place your order with the Campus Store. If you would like to use your financial aid credit to place money on your One Card, please complete this form.  Please note that this form may only be filled out one time per day.  


Your ID must be activated in order to access the funds. The maximum amount that may be used from pending aid is $800 per semester.

Maximize Time with Virtual Lines

Do you need to visit the office of Financial AidRegistrar or Student Accounts?

Join the “virtual line” for your appointment.  No need to shuffle through a slow moving physical line anymore! You don’t even have to be on campus to get in line!

Three ways to join SailfishQ

1. Use the web app  Launch SailfishQ

2. Use your mobile phone

To join the line text PBA WPB to 561-693-6797. You will instantly receive an SMS response giving you the approximate wait time.

3. Ask a representative

Visit the front desk at either the Financial AidRegistrar or Student Accounts Offices.


Once you’ve entered your cell phone number, you will get a text update when you are near the front of the line. You can even check the status of the wait line before you come on campus. It’s that easy!

SailfishQ lets you sign into a virtual line using your personal computer or smart phone.

SailfishQ will send you a personalized text alert when it's your time to meet with a staff member.

SailfishQ allows you to maximize your valuable time and regain control of your schedule.

With SailfishQ you can grab a bite to eat, work on homework, or catch up with your friends while waiting to speak with a staff member.

SailfishQ will:

  • Send you an estimated wait time (estimates vary according to the number of people in line ahead of you).
  • Allow you to ask for more time if it does not fit your schedule.
  • Alert you when you are 15 minutes away from your arrival time.


NOTE: SailfishQ opens each day at 8:00 am. If you enter a queue prior to 8:00 am the system will not add you until it is activated. During peak registration periods SailfishQ will automatically close once a queue has reached maximum capacity for the day.

Toward the end of each business day please arrive on campus no later than thirty (30) minutes prior to closing, regardless of your estimated SailfishQ time. Example: If your campus closes at 5:00 pm you MUST be in the office area no later than 4:30 pm to guarantee your place in SailfishQ.