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Florida Prepaid

If you have a Florida Prepaid Plan, you must first fill out a transfer authorization form and send this to Florida Prepaid. It takes Florida Prepaid approximately 4-6 weeks to process this form.  Once Florida Prepaid has processed your form, they will send confirmation to PBA and an estimated amount will show on your student account. 
Florida Prepaid will pay private universities an average rate set by the Florida Legislature.  These rates are subject to change at any time.  Rates for the new academic year are generally not available until mid-August of each year.  To estimate your balance due please use the most recent published rates.
You may contact Student Accounts at or 561-803-2152 if you have any questions.

2019-2020 Florida Prepaid Rates

University Plan
  • University Tuition Rate: $116.67 per hour
  • University Tuition + Local Fees Rate: $154.05 per hour
  • University Tuition + Differential Rate: $161.55 per hour
  • University Tuition + Local Fees + Differential Rate: $198.93
2+2 Plan
  • Community College Tuition Rate: $95.18 per hour
  • Community College Tuition + Local Fees Rate: $106.26 per hour
Dormitory Plan
  • $3,229.63 per semester

Florida Prepaid is applied to the Summer semester by request only.  If you are taking Summer courses and would like to apply Florida Prepaid to your Summer balance, please email a request to