All student account refunds will be issued via direct deposit to your bank account OR a physical check.  

*NOTE:  If you do not select a refund method, the default method will be a check mailed to the home address on file. The processing time for checks takes longer to process.  To receive your refund faster, please select Direct Deposit  as your refunding method.  

Palm Beach Atlantic University’s refund program is administered by Nelnet (formerly TMS).

To set up your refunding preference, log into your Student Account Center and then click the "Refund" tab.

To view a video tutorial about how to set up a refund preference, click here



Disbursement of financial aid occurs according to federally mandated regulations. If a credit balance results once financial aid is applied to a student’s account, the surplus will be refunded to the student (or the parent in the case of a PLUS Loan). Authorization to release parent loan funds to the student can be found in the forms section of this site. 

Information on Refund Checks Policy for Evening Students

The funds from student aid will not be received by PBA until 3 to 4 weeks after the end of Add/Drop for aid not requiring full time enrollment. (Full time enrollment is 12 credit hours; you need only to be registered for 6 credit hours to receive loans.) Aid will also be disbursed following the start of the second sub term for aid that does require full time enrollment. This means that student loans and the portion of the Pell funds for the classes which are being taken during the first sub-term will be disbursed to students' accounts during our initial disbursement period.

Second sub-term disbursements, including the rest of the Pell and any aid requiring full time enrollment (FRAG and FSAG), will not be disbursed until after attendance verification has been completed for the second sub-term. If there is a credit on your account, funds may be transferred to your ID card for use on campus, however, a refund check will not be available until after the second sub-term has started. If you are due a refund from your loans and the first portion of your Pell grant only, you may receive two refund checks, one in each sub-term.