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Palm Beach Atlantic University

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Payment plans are the sensible approach to paying education expenses.  They allow for smaller, affordable payments instead of paying your balance in one lump sum.  PBA's monthly payment plans are serviced by Tuition Management Systems (TMS).  The payment plans are interest free and there is no approval process.  There is an enrollment fee of $65 for the annual plans and $47 for the semester plans.  The plans offered are:
Annual Plans (Covering both the Fall and Spring semesters)
12 Months beginning May 15
11 Months beginning June 15
10 Months beginning July 15
9 Months beginning August 15 (listed on TMS Website as Deposit + 8 Months. First payment due upon enrollment.)
Semester Plans (Covering one semester at a time)
5 Months Fall beginning July 15
5 Months Spring beginning December 15
4 Months Fall beginning August 15 (listed on TMS Website as Deposit + 3 Months.  First payment due upon enrollment.)
4 Months Spring beginning January 15 (listed on TMS Website as Deposit + 8 Months.  First payment due upon enrollment.) 


To enroll in the payment plan, visit or call 1-800-722-4867.

All payment plans must be in place before or during Check-In. Enrollment in a payment plan is not an option after Check-In has ended.  Waiting to enroll in a payment plan at check-in will leave limited payment plan options, with the first payment being required upon enrollment.


Only standard fees of tuition, room, board, resource fees, course related fees and health insurance may be included in the payment plan. Books and parking fees are not payment plan items. Work Study funds, which may be part of your Financial Aid Award, may not be used in payment plan calculations because those funds are paid to you directly as a paycheck. 


Payment plan participants are required to make consecutive monthly payments as scheduled. Accounts with two missed payments or two returned checks will be canceled from the payment plan. Once canceled, the due date will revert back to the original due date of the prospective term. Therefore, the student must make immediate payment in full of the account balance owed.