NUR 2003 Introduction to Professional Nursing

Welcome to NUR 2003 Introduction to Professional Nursing! 

Please see the tentative course schedule for specifics in the handouts tab on left (click the drop down arrow by the freshmen/sophomore tab on left to get to the handout section).

Here's the book:

Black, B. P. (2019). Professional nursing: Concepts and challenges (9th ed.). Saunders.

ISBN-13 : 978- 0323551137

NUR 2003 HY Spring In-person Subterm A, starts the first in-person session on Tues 1/11/22 @ 1-2:50 pm in the school of nursing, OCE #118

NUR 2003 Z01 Spring Online Subterm A, starts the first online session on 1/11/22 7:00pm-8:30 by Zoom.

NUR 2003 OL2 Fall Online Subterm B session starts the week of 10/18/2021 

Looking forward to our class and meeting you!

Fundamentals Theory NUR 2004

Welcome to Fundamentals of Nursing Theory. Please see the course schedule in the handouts tab on the left. The required materials for this course are:

Taylor, C., Lynn, P., Bartlett J., (2019). Fundamentals of nursing: The art and science of person-centered care. (9th ed.). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer. ISBN: 978-1975123901 which includes Course Point plus that is mandatory for this course (this book must be purchased at the front register of the book store to get the access code).


Ackley, B. J., Ladwig, G. B., & Makic, M.B. F. (2017). Nursing diagnosis handbook: A guide to planning care. (12th ed.).St. Louis, MO: Mosby.  ISBN-13: 978-0323551120


Looking forward to meeting all of you at our first class!!

Health Assessment

Welcome to Health Assessment for Fall of 2020!  

Please find a copy of the Fall 2020 tentative course schedule in the handouts.

We look forward to seeing you at your first lab session on your scheduled lab date August 18, 19, 20 (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday 12:30pm-3:20pm) in the School of Nursing Lab, OCE 118.

Please obtain the required textbooks for the course:

 Hogan-Quigley, B., Palm, M. L., & Bickley, L. S. (2012). Bates’: Nursing guide to physical examination and history taking (2nd Edition). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer.   ISBN: 978-1-4963-0556-5

 Ackley, B. J., & Ladwig, G. B. (2014). Nursing diagnosis handbook: A guide to planning care. (11th ed.).St. Louis, MO: Mosby. ISBN-10: 0323085490 | ISBN-13: 978-0323322249


The following supplies are also required:

  • Scrubs as designated by the PBA SON Handbook are required for all lab sessions.
  • Stethoscope: MDF MD One ( OR 3M Littman Classic III are suggested brands (any stethoscope will be accepted)
  • Penlight
  • Supplies are available for purchase at Medwear Uniforms (two locations in West Palm Beach) or the PBA bookstore (financial aid may be used at the bookstore)

First Year Experience 1001

This is the syllabus for Wilson's class for FYE

(.docx, 119K)

This is a class schedule for Wilson's Wednesday FYE class

(.docx, 26K)

This is the schedule for Wilson's Thursday FYE class

(.docx, 26K)

NUR 2003 Introduction to Professional Nursing

This is the syllabi for Spring 2022 Online Subterm A and B courses

(.pdf, 185K)

This is the course schedule for Intro to Nursing Subterm A Online class.

(.pdf, 118K)

This is the Intro to Nursing HY in-person Spring 2022 Subterm A course schedule

(.pdf, 115K)

This is the Intro to Nursing Spring 2022 online Subterm B course schedule

(.pdf, 116K)

This is the Spring 2022 NUR 2003 HY in-person course schedule

(.pdf, 80K)

This is the Spring 2022 HY intro Subterm A in-person Syllabus

(.pdf, 213K)

Health Assessment NUR 2023/2020

This is tentative and subject to change.  Posted 7/1/2020

(.docx, 47K)