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Refund Dates

Sub-term A refunds start processing: 9/18/2019
Sub-term B refunds start processing: 11/6/2019
Pharmacy P1-3 refunds start processing: 8/19/2019
Pharmacy P4 refunds start processing: 8/12/2019
Sub-term A refunds start processing: 2/5/2020
Sub-term B refunds start processing: 3/30/2020
Pharmacy P1-3 refunds start processing: 1/13/2020
Pharmacy P4 refunds start processing: 1/13/2020
Sub-term A refunds start processing: TBD
Sub-term B refunds start processing: TBD
For information on direct deposit please visit the Student Account's refund page.

PBA Refund Policy

PBA Refund Policy for Evening & Graduate Students


Disbursement of financial aid occurs according to federally mandated regulations. If a credit balance results once financial aid is applied to a student’s account, the surplus will be refunded to the student.

The Financial Aid office will request funds to be sent to the university, on behalf of a student, from various federal and state agencies after determining a student’s eligibility. Funds will only be disbursed to a student’s account after all outstanding documents have been turned in and after enrollment verification has been completed.

A student’s enrollment determines when they will become eligible for disbursement. If a student reaches full time enrollment (Full time enrollment is 12 credit hours) in Term A, all funds will be disbursed to their Student Account prior to the Term A anticipated refund. If a student reaches half time enrollment (Half time enrollment is 6 credit hours) in Term A, only student loans and ½ of the Pell Grant will be disbursed to their Student Account. Only if ½ of Pell and student loans generate a refund, will a refund check be issued for half time students in Term A.

Once enrollment verification has been completed a second time (this time for Term B), the remaining Pell and FRAG (for full times students) will be disbursed to a student’s account. Only if those funds generate a refund will a refund will be issued in Term B.

Again there are two possible dates for anticipated refunds to begin processing each semester.